Tip Two

Tip 2: Stop that Nipping

As you probably know ferrets love to play, and they have tough skin, so when they nip it is usually in play and you just aren't as tough as they are. (If a ferret bites you out of fear it will draw blood) The best method to stop the nipping is to scruff the little guy, get right in its face and say sternly, NO BITING or something similar. Always say the same thing each time you scold them. DON'T EVER swat, throw, slap, poke or otherwise abuse your ferret. This will only teach them that you are something to fear and then you may get bitten out of fear.

Unlike teaching them to come when squeaked if you have a little nipper they will not learn on the first try. As a matter of fact they can be verrrry stubborn. And even when you think they are fully trained they may have relapses if they are not socialized with frequently.

Ferrets also love to do anything that gets a reaction out of you. Sometimes that pesky little nipper is just looking for more attention.

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