Tip One

Tip 1: Make them come when called.

Training your ferret to come is easy. Use any consistent noisemaker (a squeaky toy is good) and their favorite treat.

Start by setting your ferret on the floor and showing them the treat and the squeaker. Next squeak your toy and when the ferret responds (may just be a turn of the head but unless they are deaf they will usually respond) give them a treat and praise. When they have finished the treat and have become interested in something else give the toy another few squeaks. Most likely your ferret will come to investigate, when it does give another treat. Donít get discouraged if your ferret doesnít respond the first time, just keep trying and they will get it soon enough. (at this point the ferret has probably already figured out that coming to the squeak means they get a treat.)

Repeat this several times over the next half hour and again over the next few days. By the end of the week your ferret should come every time you squeak the toy. Now you don't have to give a treat every time they come but you should still give them praise and sometimes a treat just as reinforcement.

This should be one of the first things you teach your ferret because it may some day be the only way you can find your little fuzzy.

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