Fairy Pages

As our ferret rescue is completely self-funded by us, we have decided to try to raise funds thru a unique venture.

 Fuzzy Connection is proud to introduce it’s own line of unique Fairy products.

 We are offering Fairy Houses, Fairy Doors, Fairy Wish Bottles and Fairy House Nightlights to the public. These products are completely hand crafted so no two are alike. Each item will be listed on our website as they are made. Since they are handcrafted and not mass-produced there will be a limited supply available at any given time during the year.

 Our Fairy items are created in our free time in between working full time and after care of the animals is complete. Due to this fact you can be assured that your unique Fairy item will not be a standard feature found everywhere you turn around. They are truly a one of a kind and limited find.

 The styles will vary in color, design, and shape. If you would like a Fairy House or Door made with a specific color scheme in mind or perhaps to have a little something extra added, please email me and we can certainly do our best to meet your needs.

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