About Us

The Fuzzy Connection is a place to connect people who want to be responsible ferret owners with people who need to place their ferret with a new owner

The Founders

Ken and Nancy Nyren started The Fuzzy Connection in 2003

Our Background

We got our first ferrets, Spinky and Houdini, several years ago. Like so many other ferret owners that was just the beginning Since then we have added, Peanut, Squiggy, Helen, Tumbleweed, Whirleygig, and our only boy Moose.

Although our goal is not to aquire ferrets, but make connections, we have taken in a few fosters from time to time. We will continue to do so as space and needs demand.


Our local vet in Raleigh is Sandra Grant of the Lake Wheeler Veterinarian Hospital and has provided us excellent health services with our ferrets. Contact DR Grant at 919-829-5511 2720 Lake Wheeler Rd # 105 Raleigh NC 27603

We could not have have started this site without the help and support of our friends.

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