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 06/04/06 At our home

We have three ferrets we have been calling Crash Bam and Boom. They are all in good health and ready to go to experienced owners. All three are friendly but need more hands on play time. All three will nip lightly on occasion but always in play. Crash is sable girl around a year old, Bam is a silver mitt blaze girl 1-2 years old, and Boom is a silver mitt boy around 3 years old.

You can also email us  here. If you are interested in future fuzzies so we can get things rolling.


Please See the Rescue Links for Additional Ferrets available now.

Available Soon

We usually get a 3-4 contacts a month from people that have ferrets they need to place in a new home.  But if you are interested in adoption now please see our Rescue Links page for other NC shelters that have ferrets available and please come to the next TRIFL meeting as there are usually several shelter ferrets there that are up for adoption.


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