Fairy Houses


 A Fairy House is a gateway to a world of limitless possibilities. Interacting with a Fairy House awakens the creative mind, engages the imagination and opens a doorway into the real Fairy World.

When you get your house home, choose a place for it on a specialtable or shelf in your home, a secludedsheltered spot in your garden. Give your imagination free reign to create a miniature world around it with stones, plants, shells, or anything you suspect might appeal to fairies. Children are a great help in this process but, if none are available, trust the child inside you to know what to do.

Put a token of welcome beside your house such as a gemstone or crystal and a small piece of chocolate, and send an invitation from your heart for the fairies to move in. You may have to repeat the invitation a few times, but one day you will notice that the quality of light around the house has changed or you will hear distant laughter or music. The Fairies have moved in.

I love fairies!!!

Click here or the picture to see the fairy houses 

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