Ren Ferret 2005

The Triangle Ferret Lovers club (TRIFL) does a fund raiser every year at the Ren Faire in Raleigh. TRIFL members Bring in ferrets for people to see and hold, and myths and misconceptions of ferrets are laid to rest. Stories are told of how ferrets were used in medieval times and how far back into history they really went. Itís always the most popular booth at the faire, except the food booths of course, never without a crowd wanting to see the ferrets.

Fuzzy Connection will be there and there will likely be representatives from other shelters in the state.  It is a fun time with shows and demonstrations for all to enjoy.

Please Join us March 26th, 27th and April 2nd, 3rd

Click here for more information on Trifl or here for more information on Ren Faire 2005

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